Conflict minerals


Hj. Cruse & Co. ApS is committed to ensuring that our supply chain is free of conflict minerals that finance armed conflicts and human rights abuses. This policy defines our supply chain guidelines guaranteeing that we only engage with suppliers who meet our standards for conflict-free minerals.

By implementing this Conflict Minerals Policy, Hj. Cruse & Co. reaffirms its commitment to support responsible supply chain practices and to help prevent the exploitation of natural resources to finance conflict and human rights abuses.

Definition of conflict minerals:

Conflict minerals are minerals mined in conflict-affected areas and used to influence and finance armed conflicts, human rights violations, or damage to the environment.


This policy applies to all our suppliers and sub-suppliers of metals and minerals.


Supplier assessment: We will evaluate our suppliers to ensure they comply with this policy. Suppliers must prove that they do not use conflict minerals.

Ban on conflict minerals: We ban the use of conflict minerals in our products. We do not permit our suppliers to supply materials that contain minerals such as tin, tantalum, wolfram, and gold mined in conflict areas.

Due diligence: We will perform thorough due diligence to ensure that our supply chain is free of conflict minerals. This is done through confirmation or by following the supplier's own guidelines.

Supplier requirements: We require our suppliers to implement the policies to ensure that they also not use conflict minerals in their products or supply chain.

Education and awareness: We ensure that all employees and suppliers are familiar with this policy and comprehend its importance.

Continuous improvement: We strive to continually improve our conflict minerals policy and our approach to managing the metals and minerals supply chain. 

Compliance with the policy:

Violation of this policy may result in result in termination of employment with the supplier unless appropriate plans for improvement are in place and implemented.


This conflict minerals policy has been adopted by the management or the board of directors and will come into force on 14.08.2023.

Approved by the management of Hj. Cruse & Co.


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