Compliance with laws

Policy for compliance with laws, including the tax law.


We are committed to complying with all applicable laws and regulations, including the tax law, to maintain a high standard of ethical conduct and legal compliance in all our business activities. This policy sets out the guidelines ensuring full compliance with the legislation, including the tax law.

Tax compliance

1. Registration and reporting:
We will at all times ensure that we are timely registered as a taxpayer with the relevant tax authorities and that we meet all requirements for reporting taxes and duties.

2. Tax payments:
We will meet our obligations for timely and correct payment of taxes and charges in accordance with applicable tax legislation.

3. Tax planning:
We will comply with both the letter and intent of the tax legislation, and we will not engage in tax evasion or tax avoidance. Tax planning will be conducted in accordance with the law and with regard for ethical standards.

4. Transparency and documentation:
We will keep an accurate and comprehensive record of all our tax obligations and transactions to guarantee transparency and to provide relevant documents to the tax authorities if required.

Compliance with other laws

We will make every effort to comply with the legislation.

We will engage in spreading the knowledge of relevant laws among our employees.

Education and updating

All our employees will receive appropriate training and be kept up to date with changes in legislation and regulation, including tax law, which apply to our business area and areas of responsibility.

This training will help increase our employees' understanding of the legal requirements and ethical standards, which they are expected to comply with.

Compliance responsibilities

It is the management's responsibility to ensure that the policy for compliance with laws, including the tax law, is followed at all levels of the company.

Management will be responsible for monitoring and evaluating compliance with legislation and will, if need be, make necessary adjustments and improvements in business processes.

Reporting of potential violations

All employees have a duty to report all violations and/or suspected violation of the law, including the tax law, to their immediate supervisor or to the top management.

Employees who report violations in good faith will face no negative consequences. On the contrary, we will value their honesty and integrity.

Follow up and sanctions

Violations of this policy will be carefully dealt with and enforced in accordance with applicable law and internal procedures. This could include sanctions, which may range from disciplinary action to financial consequences and, in extreme cases, prosecution.
This policy has been prepared to reinforce our commitment to compliance with laws, including tax laws. All employees are expected to read, understand, and comply with this policy as part of their work with the company. Compliance with the law is essential for our company's reputation, integrity, and success.

Approved by the management of Hj. Cruse & Co. ApS

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